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Engage!: A Family Gaming Podcast

Nov 30, 2015

This week Stephen rides solo as he gives his predictions for who will win at The Game Awards on December 3rd. Then a new challenger approaches as Evan comes into the podcast to give HIS predictions.

Note: Make sure you listen to the get the password for our EFG Secret Santa giveaway!

Nov 23, 2015

Join Stephen (THE BFG of EFG), Ben (The Professor), and Kelly (The Untitled) as they discuss games for your preschooler!!

Nov 16, 2015

Join Stephen, Jenna, and Stacey as they journey into the world of Blizzcon and talk about what excites them and what… well.. doesn’t. They also touch on Stephen’s plan to re-enter World of Warcraft after a several year absence.

Nov 9, 2015

This week Stephen, The Professor, and Kelly talk about the newly announced Star Wars: Rebellion and why it MIGHT not be for all of us. We also talk about asymmetrical gameplay!

Nov 2, 2015

In this episode our plucky team of adventurers (Stephen, Jenna, and the returning Uncle Badger) explore Sony’s Paris Games Week announcements and Nintendo’s upcoming mobile game.